new Dutch translations for roles to land in Plone 4.2

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new Dutch translations for roles to land in Plone 4.2

Kees Hink-2
On the plone-nl list, Maarten, Maurits and me proposed these new Dutch
translations for Plone's roles:
Reviewer (was Redacteur): Eindredacteur
Editor (was: Schrijver): Bewerker
Contributor (was: Medewerker): Bijdrager

After a good discussion on the plone-developers list (thanks all for
your input), it was decided to land the new translations in Plone 4.2.
Vincent Fretin has included the new translations, which are reflected
in the current coredev buildout. The 4.1 branch still has the old

This will likely confuse new users a lot less, so i think it's a good
move for Plone.

Still, we need to think about the consequences:

* The 4.2 release should include a note about these new translations,
where is the best place to do this? Should i make a PLIP for it?

* Who knows of any Dutch documentation that should be updated? I've
searched the web a bit, but couldn't find anything.

* And how about non-online manuals (printed, PDF)?

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