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i18ngenerator.py: not found... Unable to locate Testing package...

Michael Dexter

I am trying a test a new translation and am unable to get any of the specified
tools to work.

/usr/local/www/zopeninstance0/Products/PloneTranslations/i18n/ \
reports "Unable to locate Plone dir!" and looking at the code, appears to want
to be run from /usr/local/www/zopeninstance0/Products/PloneTranslations/* but I
could be mistaken.
Either way, I have written a simple sh script to set my env's as:

I18NDUDE        /usr/local/www/zopeninstance0/Products/i18ndude/i18ndude
INSTANCE_HOME   /usr/local/www/zopeninstance0/
PYTHON  /usr/local/bin/python
SOFTWARE_HOME   /usr/local/www/Zope28/lib/python/

(OS=FreeBSD 6, current Plone and yes, zopeinstance is misspelled. :) )

Here I get "i18ngenerator.py: not found"

So I tried:
and get:

Unable to locate Testing package. You might need to set SOFTWARE_HOME.

Do I have SOFTWARE_HOME incorrect?

So I moved on to:
/usr/local/www/zopeninstance0/Products/PloneTranslations/i18n/ \

It reports: "You have to specify the product und skins directory." (Note
spelling error.)

Also note the spelling error in "rebuilt-pot.py atrbw -i" and running
rebuild-pot.py atrbw -i

gives me "Skins directory (Products) could not be found." as I suspected.

So I moved on to:

It reports:
"Unable to locate Testing package. You might need to set SOFTWARE_HOME."

So I moved on to:
/usr/local/www/zopeninstance0/Products/ \

as suggested at: http://zopewiki.org/PlacelessTranslationService

python msgfmt.py -v -o plone-lv.mo plone-lv.po

And nothing seemed to happen and no .mo file was generated.

Any idea what I am doing wrong or have my INSTANCE_HOME wrong?

I've tried some of these variations without a trailing "/" on INSTANCE_HOME to
no avail. I trust the various tools are smart enough to handle that situation.



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