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World Plone Day 2010

Tim Knapp

This year we're hoping to hold World Plone Day 2010 in the 3 main
centers - Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch as we did back in 2008.
So far we've got an event confirmed in Wellington[1] where we'll have a
number of Government departments attending but none confirmed in
Auckland or Christchurch. Therefore we need sponsors who can host the
events and I'm therefore making a callout to the Python and Plone
communities to let me know if any of you can host this event.

I'm also interested in finding sponsors for the event. What we're
looking at getting money for is catering and printing of marketing
material (possibly T-shirts). Coming off the back of Kiwi PyCon 2009
where we had a number of Plone-related presentations and positive
mention I'd like to appeal to any of you who attended those sessions (or
any Plone consultancies) to consider sponsoring the event and let me
know via email.



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