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WANTED: Chch meetings coordinator

Tim Knapp
Hi all,

Unfortunately due to personal commitments, I can no longer perform the
function of the NZPUG Christchurch meetings coordinator. Of course we'd
prefer the meetings don't die a quiet death so I'm putting a callout to
the list to see if anyone else can step up and fulfill this role.

To give a bit of an idea of what's involved in the role, I've listed
below what I do:
- as soon as I can following the last meetup I contact those who've
voiced some interest in the past to present to see if they'd like to
present. Failing this I email the list asking for volunteers.
- contact powerHouse 2 weeks prior to the next meetup to confirm our
regular booking (we have a regular booking every first Friday of the
month; could be every 2nd month but I basically just remind them of
this, though its usually not an issue).
- contact the lined up presenter(s) a week prior to the meetup to
confirm they're still able to present.
- send a reminder to the list at the beginning of the week of the
meeting and on the day of.
- update the wiki with the meeting information.
- order the pizzas on the night.

As we've already got the venue and the meetings themselves are fairly
well established, the meetings pretty much run themselves. If anyone
would like to step up and help out, please let me know either on or


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