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Translation for products in the collective

Andreas Kaiser-3
Hi all,

I´d like to contribute some missing (German) translations for some
products in the collective, starting with POI and PloneKeywordManager.

Therefore I´d like to have collective-SVN-write-access. I just tried to
log in at to verify my username, but wasn´t able to with the
username i chose some time ago (almost for sure it´s 'disko'). The
password-retrieval function responded with

Error Type
Error Value
     The username you entered could not be found.
Request made at
     2005/12/16 14:50:32.157 Universal

and the attempt to register again failed saying

"The login name you selected is already in use or is not valid. Please
choose another."

I guess, it relates to some problems with the recent server-transition.
So what am I supposed to do now?

Have a nice weekend,


PS: I hope this is the right list for this at all ;-)

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