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Re: patch release, was: plone-es, plone-ca, plone-eu: wrong date format

Hanno Schlichting
Sebastien Douche wrote:

> On 10/13/05, Alberto Serrano <[hidden email]> wrote:
>>AFAIK, PloneTranslations product releases go in parallel with Plone releases
>>(e.g. PloneTranslations 2.1.1 is related to Plone 2.1.1, etc.).
>>Perhaps it could be interesting to release intermediate patch releases to
>>existing PloneTranslation releases, if there are enough corrections to
>>justify the effort, e.g. PloneTranslations 2.1.1a.
> It's a good idea.


Actually one of the reasons of moving the translation files out of core
Plone has been the gained flexibility of releasing them independently ;)

Before making the descission of releasing a patch release, I would like
to get some more information about the planned Plone release cycle
itself, especially about the bugfix releases for 2.1.

If there is enough progress / changes in the translations we could of
course even move to a monthly release cycle.

I'll try to get some more infos and report back ;)


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