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[Python Job] Web Developer Interest - Christchurch ESRI interface

Tim Knapp
Just got this job offer through:

"Abley Transportation Consultants Ltd is a leading provider of
transportation planning and engineering services for private and public
sector clients throughout New Zealand.  We specialise in providing
transportation strategic planning advice, transport assessments, expert
evidence, best practice guidance and GIS/transport integration.

We have developed a number of in house GIS python scripts that automate
some standard, yet fairly complex transportation calculations.  Our
staff use these scripts to process client's analysis requests.  A number
of our clients have requested the ability to undertake the manipulation
of data themselves and hence have the ability to undertake the resulting
calculations.  We would like to provide a mechanism by which our clients
could use our in house scripts without constant reference or referral to

We understand our clients could access our scripts via a web portal that
is held on our web site, and clients could upload their data to our
computers where the calculations would be performed on our PCs and the
resulting outputs automatically emailed or made available for clients to
download from the web portal.  We are aware that to achieve the
integration of an external interface to our PCs will require some
advanced Python scripting and liaison with our web developers and a
mechanism to protect our PCs from external attack.

We would be interested in contracting the production of this web portal
and interface to our PCs to a suitably qualified and professional Python
programmer.  Ideally you would be based in Christchurch whereby you can
liaise closely with us regarding how the web portal would work.  You
should have a can do attitude and a high level of technical ability.
This role would probably be for an initial intense period of development
and then ongoing maintenance.  The work could either be undertaken from
your or our office.

If you are interested in discussing this role, please contact Steve
Abley, Managing Director, Abley Transportation Consultants, ph 3679003
or [hidden email]"

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