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Dave Fregon

I was contacted over doing an intranet site for a nationwide company
with offices/servers in Sydney, but we are pretty much flat out atm, and
probably not able to take it on .. (Why there aren't more plone devs in
wangaratta I don't know!;)

Basically the international group they are part of already has an
intranet site in Plone, and they are able to use the code. They are also
using Active Directory, and want to move all their intranet documents
into Plone. There's the preference for a group in Sydney but not a
requirement. Of course, they have all the hardware.

ATM I am just looking at giving these folk options of people to contact
that are interested, there is of course the site list, but
thought I would put out a holler here as well.

Feel free to email me with your contact information, so that I can get
together a list for them, with a person to actually talk too.

Dave Fregon

NetAxxs Workers Collective
Ph:  +613 5721 7777
Mob: 0434 000 234
25A Ely Street
Wangaratta 3677

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