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Open Source Industry and Community Census

Jan Smith
Hi All,

If you are contributing to open source software in anyway at all (not
just coding) please fill out the following census.   This will help
our combined efforts become more visible to people outside our

The census is being conducted by Waugh Partners.  From their website:

"Waugh Partners is launching the first national research project to
study companies and contributors involved in the Australian Open
Source industry and community.

With growing demand for Open Source skills and technology, it's the
perfect time to launch a major research effort to understand the
strength of Open Source in Australia, the economic potential for the
broader Australian ICT industry, our skills capacity, and the
symbiotic relationship between the Open Source industry and community
around it.

Industry Census

The industry Census aims to document the size, capability, skills,
perspectives, market and growth of companies delivering services and
solutions around Open Source technologies. We aim to align business
and government perception of the Australian Open Source industry with
reality, by providing hard numbers from a reputable study.
Participating companies will receive a printed copy of the final
report and the option to be included in a national searchable Open
Source business directory.

Community Census

The community Census aims to document the dynamics, demographics,
skills, perspectives, education and global participation of Australian
FLOSS (Free, Libre and Open Source Software) contributors — at home or
abroad. We hope to help government, business and educational
institutions understand and value the Australian FLOSS community.
Participants will have a chance to win one of five GP2X Open Source
gaming units. Winners will be announced in January, during Jeff and
Pia's presentation at 2008 in Melbourne."

Stand up and be counted.  Click to get to the census

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