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Next bug fix release coming up

Hanno Schlichting
Hi all.

Today I spent some time on various i18n things. First of all there's a
new i18ntestcase 1.1 release that should enable both running tests via
'zopectl test' and should be considerably faster as it doesn't depend on
any external binary anymore.

This release is required to run the tests from now on. Get it at

Additionally I have rebuilt all pot files and synced these with the po
files. There are only some minor changes in PloneLanguageTool and Plone

We are currently aiming for a new bug fix release on Dec 16th, so please
update your translations before that date ;)

The roadmap for the next Plone release isn't final yet, but we are
currently aiming for a Plone 2.2 release in late March 2006. If you are
interessted see the for some details.

Best regards,

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