Kiwi PyCon Media Statement - "Conference Emphasises Language's Benefits"

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Kiwi PyCon Media Statement - "Conference Emphasises Language's Benefits"

Tim Knapp
Media Statement          November 2, 2009

"Conference Emphasises Language's Benefits"

"Simplicity, Flexibility, Beauty!" is the theme for Kiwi PyCon 2009, a
conference being held this Saturday and Sunday in Christchurch to
promote the Python programming language in New Zealand.

Python has been described as the closest programming language to the
English language and is therefore very simple to learn. Due to its
simplicity, Otago University have decided to teach Python as part of an
introductory course to programming and there will be a presentation at
the conference regarding how the course has benefited students at the

Python also runs the software on the XO laptops, which have been
distributed to over a million children in developing countries worldwide
as part of the One Laptop Per Child project. There will be a
presentation regarding OLPC at the conference including a demonstration
of a number of XO laptops in action.

Python's flexibility will also be highlighted throughout the conference
programme, with presentations on how it is being used in the field of
animation, in computer games, on cellphones and websites. Some of the
presenters at the event will be coming from England, America, and

“Registrations sold out 4 days prior to the registration closing date”
comments Tim Knapp, Conference Director, “which really highlights the
great level of interest in the language throughout New Zealand.” The
conference starts at 8:30am this Saturday at the Canterbury Innovation
Incubator. For more information go to


For media or conference enquiries please contact:
Tim Knapp, NZ Python User Group Vice President and Event Director
Phone: 021 156 6405
Email: [hidden email]

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