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Tim Knapp

Students - if you wanna get paid to code on Plone this *winter*, enroll

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> Subject: [Product-Developers] Reminder - Google Summer of Code
> Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2010 01:42:21 +0100
> Hello all,
> This is a reminder that Google Summer of Code applications are due in  
> a few days.  We've not had as many as this time last year so if you're  
> thinking of applying I very much recommend it – your chances are good.
>  From http://plone.org/events/summer-of-code/2010/summer-of-code-positions-available:
> If you're a student interested in being paid $5000 (USD) to spend your  
> summer working on improving Plone you're encouraged to apply to Google  
> Summer of Code. In addition to the funding provided by Google you'll  
> be assigned a mentor to get you involved in core development and  
> ensure you get the help you need to complete your project.
> In order to apply you need to propose a project and have it accepted.  
> There are some examples of projects that we'd like to see on the Plone  
> section of the summer of code website if you need some inspiration.  
> Whether you decide to apply for one of the projects on that list or  
> your own idea we're very happy to give you feedback and you can  
> continue improving your proposal even after the application deadline.
> You can also get feedback on your ideas via the normal Plone mailing  
> lists and IRC by asking in #plone but ensure you submit the an  
> application well in advance of the deadline, even if it's a draft.
> Hope to hear from you soon,
> Matthew
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