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Tim Knapp

Calling all students! This is a great way to earn $USD5k over the
'winter' break/period and also to contribute to the most successful
Python CMS.

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> Subject: [Product-Developers] Google Summer of Code
> Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 23:44:50 +0000
> Hello everyone,
> As some of you will have heard, during the Cathedral/Tahoe sprints  
> last week Plone was accepted as a mentoring organisation for Google  
> Summer of Code 2010.  This means that for the fifth year we will be  
> able to accept student proposals for projects.  We don't know how many  
> students we will have yet, that depends on the applications we receive.
> There are a few rĂ´les involved in this programme, so if you aren't a  
> student please scroll down.
> Students
> ========
> Are you interested in a coding project using Plone for the summer?  If  
> you are accepted you will receive a $5000 (USD) stipend for your  
> work.  In addition, you will be provided a mentor who will help you  
> through the process and the support of other members of the Plone  
> community to help you write the best code you can.
> We will expect you to put in the same amount of work as a full-time  
> job but we are flexible.  You can work when you like and if you need  
> some time off for whatever reason that won't be a problem.
> In order to apply you'll need to have an idea for a project.  We have  
> a list of suggestions at http://socghop.appspot.com/document/show/gsoc_org/google/gsoc2010/plone/ideas 
>   but feel free to ask on the plone-developers mailing list for more  
> information.  We very much welcome ideas not on that list, but please  
> submit them early so we can give you feedback to improve your chances  
> of being accepted.
> In order to submit a proposal you'll need to create an account at http://socghop.appspot.com 
>   - You'll be able to edit it as much as you like once it's submitted,  
> so it's best to submit early and let us help you out with feedback  
> rather than waiting until the last minute.
> Mentors
> =======
> If you are active in the Plone community and would like to help a  
> student get more integrated and learn about Open Source Software,  
> please apply to be a mentor.  The web application is at http://socghop.appspot.com 
>   - you need to make a mentoring application to the Plone Foundation.  
> Once it's accepted you'll be able to fill in a profile.
> You will be expected to be available to your student on a regular  
> basis, but wether that's ad-hoc or set 'office hours' is your choice.  
> You should have a good knowledge of the Plone codebase and have been  
> to some Plone community events before.  The most important part of  
> this is making the student feel at home in the community and ensuring  
> they talk to the right people to get advice and help with their project.
> In return, you'll get a shiny t-shirt from Google and the eternal  
> thanks of the community.  It's very much a learning experience for  
> mentors as well as students, so this will be useful for helping you  
> train new hires and get them involved in the open source community.
> ========
> If you have any questions please feel free to email plone-developers  
> or me directly. I'd be happy to help out.  If you prefer to have a  
> chat in real-time, I'm MatthewWilkes on IRC and can be found in #plone  
> or #plone-soc.
> Matthew
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