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Tim Knapp
Hi all,

Chris asked me to forward this event to the python ml's so here goes. I
agree with his point re. cross-pollination of the user groups and if
anyone does have any ironpython experience please speak up.

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> From: Christopher Fairbairn <[hidden email]>
> To: [hidden email]
> Subject: .NET User Group - Code Camp 1st November
> Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 23:30:41 +1300
> Hi Tim,
> I am the leader of the Christchurch .NET User Group and am involved  
> in organising a .NET Code Camp for Saturday the 1st of November. This  
> free event aims to provide a full day of presentations covering .NET  
> development topics with special focus on beginner orientated material.
> Since this event may be of interest to some Python developers would  
> you be able to forward details of this event to your user group members?
> We have a website outlining the event in further detail available at  
> http://www.codecamp.net.nz/.
> Thanks,
> Christopher Fairbairn
> Windows Mobile Development blog - http://www.christec.co.nz/blog/
> PS: Do you know of anyone who has experimented with IronPython (or  
> IronRuby) and potentially would be interested in providing a  
> presentation on this topic to the .NET User Group? I am keen to start  
> seeing more sharing between local user groups and this would be an  
> excellent way to begin.
> For my part, I have had a brief experience porting Python to the  
> Windows Mobile platform (the PythonCE project), so if you would be  
> interested I would love to give a short presentation to your user  
> group on this topic at some stage.

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