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Fulltext Index with german Umlaut

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Dear all

i am relative new, working with plone.
my current setup is:
    Plone 4.3.2 (4307)

    CMF 2.2.7

    Zope 2.13.21

    Python 2.7.3 (default, Oct 15 2013, 16:16:39) [GCC 4.7.2]

    PIL 1.7.8 (Pillow)

 With collective.documentviewer 2.2.1 to show pdf and office documents inside the browser
Its running on a debian machine and all depending software is installed.
The document converting with docsplit etc. seems to work fine but the fulltext index of Plone which gets its information by i18n normalizer and splitter doesnt get the german umlauts correctly.
I checked the txt files generated by docsplit, when converting any files for the document viewer preview. they contain the umlauts correctly.

for example, if i upload an document containing the words "ähnliche Wörter" the index doesnt contain "aehnliche Woerter" as i18n should convert the umluats. in fact the fulltext index contains "hnliche Wrter".

Can anyone give me a tipp what is going wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers limex